Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

If you are considering a new roof and not sure about what kind of new roof is suitable for your home  should it be slates or tiles or  flat roofing we can offer good practical advice on suitability of material to suit your need and budget.

This site is dedicated to  all aspects of the roofing industry and as such an authoritative roofing contractor within  roofing and roof replacement industry.Roof have a limited life expectancy depending on the roof covering if you require to spend 750 per year on maintenance there is a good chance it is nearing the end of its life expectancy and can become uneconomical to repair year after year and you should consider replacement.

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Many roof replacement often  qualify for Grant Funding from the local authority with 50 % to 100% Grants ofte

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vailable .

Within this site you will find all the leading manufacturers of slates and tiles

Marley Roof Tile Range,Marley Modern ,Marley Ludlow Major

Marley Slate Range Marley Thrutone Fibre Cement Slate typically fitted to Western Heritable type properties,

Marley Clay Tile Range, Marley Plain Tile ,

Glasgow City Councils Grants Department

Renfrew District Grants Department

Even if your roof is not be currently leaking,all product have a life cycle life expectancy at may be nearing the end of its lifespan The Roof Repair Store assesses to be of an age where deterioration is likely to cause problems in the near future.
We aim to complete a roof renewal in 2 – 3weeks generally this includes renewal of the roof covering,gutters fascia board,chimney work,TV aerials replacement of flashing and roughcasting.
Roofing Repair Store will send round a inspector to give a free no obligation quotation and provide a specification if required

If you are considering a new roof the owner is advised to contacts the local authority for grant funding if available in your area .

If the property is factored the Property Officer or Clerk of Works will provide a detailed specification from which we prepare our quotation. Compeditive tendering is considered

Roofing Repair Store is appointed the contractor to renew the roof and will carry out a full and comprehensive risk assessment of your property and liase with the Clerk of Works

Roofing Repair Store will communicate with the Client and the contract administrator to advise when the work will commence.

An access scaffold will be erected around the outside perimeter of the building ,and skips road traffic permits are obtained.Wherework is to be carried out to adjoining

properties e.g. semi detached we will install a flashing to seperate the properties if the complete roof is not being replaced .

On completion of the works the roof will be inspected by our inspector with the local authority Clerk of Works to ensure all works are at the highest possible standard ,then scaffold will be removed and the work

area cleared and left neat and tidy.The clients are requested to sign a proformae once they are 100% satisfied

Where two roofs are done together e.g.semi-detached, these may take slightly longer.The work may also take longer during periods of prolonged bad weather.

Generally you do not need to do anything prior to work commencing although occasionally, it may be necessary to temporarily relocate garden ornaments, plant pots etc, to make access easier and to avoid any damage.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a free no obligations quotation

Having a roof replacement can be avoid future maintenance costs indeed increase the value of the property

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