Roof ventilation systems

Dry ridgeRoof ventilation

All new roof design will now include ventilation systems into your roof structure

You may not realise the effects of condensation and damp stagnant air in a building, but these are two of the biggest problems that a house may have.

Condensation and damp stagnent air induce conditions that are suitable for wet and dry rot to grow. So to overcome these problems ventilation systems are now used.

Dry ridging is now standard practice in all new buildings that are constructed. If you are considering a roof replacement then it would also be recommended for various reasons.
Dry ridging is now a time tested product and it has a very good resistance to high winds. With traditional cement ridging the effect of high winds and frost attack can lead to the erosion of the cement over time and the ridge tiles may become loose. Dry ridging products are more expensive than the traditional sand and cement ridging but the cost over the life span of the roof would probably be more for the sand and cement because of the constant maintenance over the years. There are various versions that are in use but all the major roof tile manufacturers have there own versions.

Ventilation roof tiles

Ventilation roof tiles can also provide extra air flow through the roof. Modern ventilation roof tiles are very sleak in design so much so that you will find it hard to spot them on your roof,The older type are a bit unsightly.

Dry hip ridging

Dry hip ridging has the same qualities as the dry apex riding. The same advantages and disadvantages would apply to the dry hip systems. One of the main advantages of the dry systems is that they are not affected by the weather, this will avoid delays when the project is underway. The dry systems will also provide a more standardised quality in the fitting application.

In profile tiles comb fillers can be used to create ventilation from the eaves course of tiles, comb fillers have a dual function one function is ventilation but they are also used to stop birds from nesting in the eaves course .

If you are considering a new roof then these products will greatly enhance the quality of your new roof although a bit more expensive than the traditional way of construction I feel the problems they overcome far out weigh the cost implications

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